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Tuesdays are Awesome!

Not just because of tacos, but tacos are also awesome...

I had an unexpectedly productive, fun and excellent day today.

It started normally and boringly enough. I woke up. The difference today was that I did it on time. I allowed the alarm to rouse me this morning. It helped that I went to bed a tad early last night (moments after 10pm) and despite a fitful, inexplicably nightmare-loaded sleep...

(I have this one weird and successful mental discipline: when I wake from an uncomfortable dream, I immediately think of something else. Anything else. Like, for instance, Maura Tierney, my all-time-celebrity crush. Just a for instance... ;-) The theory is that thinking too much [or at all] about an unpleasant dream commits it to memory. Moving it away from your primary thoughts allows it to go away. It works. At least for me. You're welcome.)

So what was so productive about my day, you ask? I'm glad you brought that up. :-) After waking up at a respectable hour, I did the usual morning stuff: (my initial draft of this was too much: to shorten it, please know that I was showered, otherwise cleaned and dressed...).

I hit the mall at shortly after 8:30 to get my daily walk. I got my daily 10k steps, knowing full well that I had more steps to get.

I hit the grocery store shortly after 11am. I'm on a mission. I'm in the mood for hotdogs. Problem: hotdog are not paleo. Solution: hotdog bowls. Work in progress. Stay tuned.

The fun thing about that was stalling miserably in the spice aisle. I was looking for poppy seeds (for the Chicago Dog Bowl, duh...) I encountered a fellow standing nearby trying not to invade my personal space. I appreciated that and pulled my earphones and asked him what he was looking for. I figured I might have seen it and he might have possibly seen what I was looking for. He told me he was looking for [spice x]. (As I write this, I don't remember the exact spice/herb/seed that he was looking for...)

Nonetheless, I spotted it and pointed it out to him. We had a pleasant moment :-)

But wait, there's more...

Moments later, while I was still looking for poppy seeds (for the Chicago Dog Bowl, duh...), the same thing happened. Another fellow was trying to spy the spices around me. Again, I pulled out the headphones to offer help. This guy was looking for cinnamon.

Just as I asked, he told me that he found it. I had too. The difference being that he had found it the McCormick section of the spice rack and I found it in the Badia section.

I pointed out that he could save quite bit of money going with my option and we chatted it up for a moment... He has been using cinnamon powder to lose weight. Once he told me that he had lost ten pounds in two weeks, right in front of him, I grabbed one for myself and threw it into my own cart. We shared a laugh.

(I looked it up later... I'll be making cinnamon powder tea later this evening...)

Shortly thereafter, amazingly, I found my poppy seeds (for the Chicago Dog Bowl, duh...)

(You are thinking: I have wasted this much of my time reading about a grocery store trip? I answer: No, you have wasted this much time reading about the spice aisle... ;-) )

To speed ahead to my productivity, I've mentioned (here and there) that I'm getting into embroidery. I have a splendid winter coat that now has one flaw: it sports the logo of a company that I used to work for that no longer exists. The coat is a great coat. Warm. Flexible. Lots of pockets. A great coat, albeit with a morbid logo.

My mission: to get a patch to cover the old one. Problem: all available patches suck. Solution: make a patch. Problem: I do not know how to make a patch. Solution: Learn. Bonus: I spent almost twenty writing software. Learning is literally a part of that job. I got this.

I ordered an embroidery starter kit from, well, you know where, a couple of weeks ago and finally unpacked it today. I plugged the included usb light table in and it worked. I found the image that I wish to make a patch of and manipulated it to my liking. I printed it out and made a rudimentary but successful tracing of said pattern onto the piece of cloth onto which it will be sown.

That is my next adventure.

And that was my productive day.

Stay tuned for further embroidery and shopping adventures...

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