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Natalie Umbroglio, I feel you.

Right this second.

More than ever.

Albeit in a far more nerdy way than you could ever likely imagine.

I am upgrading a four-year old MacBook Pro to Mojave.

A Machine that has served me so well through these last four years.

I never knew what a mistake I had made when I bought her.

I accepted the very base model. The processor was good enough, I thought. The RAM was good enough, I thought.

And I was right. Those were good. More than good enough.

But the 256Gb solid state drive...

I was so enticed by the solid state part...

That it would be so fast...

That I neglected to fully appreciate the whole 256Gb-ness of it...

And how I would come to regret that oversight.

I stuffed my own, so brand new, glorious, very brand new personal, MacBook Pro, for which I had saved for so many months to have, with all of the softwares I had always wanted to have...

I could run virtual machines. I could edit videos. I could create animations. I could create and play with virtual people and virtual cities.

And then I met this thing called reality.

I was out of (disk) space.

I was out of faith.

I was cold and I ashamed

(To Natalie personally: I am using your lovely and brilliant song, which I am currently looping, as inspiration for a metaphor. It's on a weirdly nerd level that I would enjoy explaining to you in great detail at any time you might deem appropriate...)

To everyone who isn't Natalie:

Disk Space. Do not scrimp. Every other Bell and Whistle your local or online computer dealer might try to sell you, THIS is the one on which you should never compromise.

You all have stuff. And you all will want more stuff. It's a thing.

You need space for it.

Processor, whatever. RAM? most of you don't know what that is or why it might matter.

(AND PLEASE NEVER confuse RAM with storage, i.e. disk size. THEY ARE DIFFERENT THINGS!)

Spend your money on a larger drive. (To call it a hard drive anymore is pointless since they are now almost always ssd drives. If what I just said just scared you, I can explain it to you. Contact me. :-) )

I'm all of out space.


I learned from my mistake. I am crafting this on my new machine. It was the base Mac model with one change: I went for the 1Tb option. (Only because the available 2TB modal was just a touch too pricey, even for me amidst this rant...)

Processors will always be faster. Ram will eventually get bigger and faster (and that is the thing most of you don't know or care about and the salespeople will vomit about all over you.)

Go for the bigger drive. The biggest disk. Do that.

Learn from me on this. I had a monster performer laptop, right up until I couldn't download anything else. At which point, all of my CPU and graphics card and RAM were rendered pointless.

So, Why am I Torrn?

I have my old lappie beside me upgrading to its latest available upgrade.

I am basically gutting it.

I can never fully realize what it held that I might miss or wish for at some later moment.

Exactly until I go looking for it.

I made a bold decision to upgrade my old laptop, I know it will be mostly what I remember. I am however uncertain what might be left. I might remember some of the content that I had to delete to get to where I could do so.

Am I maybe being perhaps overly dramatic about this? Yes. And Maybe. And No.

I made myself shred a great deal of stuff to make room for my old machine to allow an upgrade. I managed to move some of it, what I thought was important, to my new machine.

But I can never communicate enough what gets lost.

I just essentially shredded my old machine.


She has life...

Upgrade was successful...

She burps.

She spits.

Things are missing.

Things are wrong.

But she runs.

She is ready and she is trying.

Let's all see what happens next...

PS, Thank you, Natalie.

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