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When the World Breaks

Or mine, at least, anyway...

I have had the honor of working for a company founded by two amazing people. One, a brutish force or nature; the other, a technogeek far ahead of his time.

As of Monday last week, I have been working for said company for three-and-a-half decades. My entire adult life.

The Brute retired five or six years ago. The Nerd retires tomorrow (as I begin this missive).

If I sound like I am denigrating them in any way, let me be clear: they are my family. They are my brothers. They are the best friends a goof like me could ever hope for.

I love them both. They are my family. Their families are my family. I can never understate how important they have been to me.

I would not be the person I am today without all of the guidance they have provided me and the enormous grace they showed me when I was not performing at my best.

These two geniuses (in their own way) set out to build a company that they would want to work for. They succeeded. And for a great while, everyone wanted to work at their company.

The time came that they wanted to cash out, to call it a day, to move on. They sold their company. They stayed on to manage for a time, the Brute for a few years, the Nerd for a bit longer, until tomorrow.

In the interim, the entity that my company's founders had sold their company to sold itself to a Corporate Entity. The Corporate Entity does not share, or frankly, give a damn about the core values that made our original company successful.

Making the loss of our last co-founder all the more painful.

I am uncertain and concerned about what direction we will go next as a division of the Corporate Entity.

The road will be long and rocky.

My mission is to be the torchbearer. The reminder to everyone left that we are still who we have always been. That our original core values are important to us. That they, my coworkers, are important to me.

I love my coworkers. My fellow employees. It falls on me now to save them.

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