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Heart Healthy

I've just come out of a major life changing experience.

I had my second heart catheterization and have had my second stent implanted. To paraphrase the surgeon who performed the procedure, it was a "long" stent.

And he mentioned that he was glad that I came in when I did.

I feel good. I feel healthy now. Despite having lost 60 pounds and walking like a fiend, my heart called me back to reality and I know now that I am forever a heart patient.

I have to keep doing what I've been doing with regards to exercise and diet, which I'm totally okay with as it helped me to shed 60 pounds, but I also have to maintain a pharmaceutical regimen that I simply have to accept.

But I am healthy. And after this last repair, I am likely healthier than I have ever been.

I am healthy. Really healthy, now. I am happy. All is good and can only get better.

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