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Hi. I'm Steve.

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About Me

I call myself Steven De La Mcwongberg.

Note the details: Anglo first name, followed by a very international mix of surname qualities. The meaning being that I wish to consider myself a member of everything, of all cultures.

I have tried to be creative and expressive and eloquent for all of my life. I am finding a small portion of luck in telling stories.

I wish to entertain and, if I have the great fortune, at least maybe from time to time, inspire.

I am an old, straight, Christian white male who likes people that are old or not old, straight or not straight, white or not white, Christian or not Christian, male or not male. Yes, I do judge you, often, but not based on any of these things.

You present or prove yourself to be a person of quality or not and that is how I judge you. You are not required to accept that about me. If you do not, I wish you well and that you be merrily on your way.

I invite the rest of you stick around. :-)

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